Empire 7 – Here & There Sam Rodriquez Art Exhibit
August 10, 2017
JTown Art Walk 2018
June 1, 2018

Jacks Bar presents:

Death to the Internet
Solo Art Show
Mixed Media Art Works by: Haez One

Sept 8th, 2017 / 7pm – 1am
Japantown Artwalk
Sept 8th – Oct 5th

Jacks Bar
167 E. Taylor St.
San Jose, CA 95112


The Visual Side of Audible Premonitions of Hypothetical Existence”

a Thought Provoking Art
by Haez One

The Concept behind Most the Pieces Haez One has Created derived from a place where the Under dogs Dwell. where the Anti Heros crash landed. The Hella misunderstood and Brutally Broken Chosen Ones that Arose  from the ashes of Burned Fragments of bloody Cash within a Satalite GraveYard on the Roof of a Dim Lit Future.  alot of people are finding Themselves caught between a Jagged Lava Rock and a Hard Place and the Hallographic spider web of Regret .The Universal Transition . The Wilderness of Self Reflection, where one is Stripped of everything and left with nothing but the Reflection of False Ego staring Back thru the Black Mirror we all call smart Phones.  the Kuruption desensitation of Society and the Relization that This is all just a Hallogram Hypothedically Existing. The Discovery of Multiple Dimensions   and contact with inner dimensional species Demonizing Life its self attempting to Hinder Our Sub Concious and Spiritual  Capabilities to overcome all Odds. Then Suddenley Recognizing that the Meaning of Life is Love, thats it nothing Else Love.
All of The Decrepid an
the Vices bistowed upon our entire species is merely a figmant of our imagination. The feeble choose to Let these negative energies and influences Rule the Universe that engulfs lives cloaking the path in order to correct ones life alignment happiness and survival. Well what if i told you life is really what you make it? The Death of the Internet will be the Sign that all Artificial inteligence is inferior to the Real Sub Concious thought. As long as you so choose too enthrawl and harnass its true potential. the Rise of Love will Thrive once again.

Haez One’s Works of Art were created using materials found in the Streets of Downtown San Joses Broken Homed Victums of the Flood that happend on February 22nd 2017 that turned one of Downtown San Joses Neighborhoods  into a Modern Day Atlantis. After sifting thru Piles of Debri  from the Destroyed homes that were piled throughout the streets. He found Objects to take the place of boring ol’ Canvass’s. The concept behind his Art is very deep an Meaningful so it only made sense to create them out of the Broken Hopes an Dreams skattered through out the gutters of His own City to Put the pieces back together to Subliminally express where in his mind Our Broken Society is  coming from. Whether it was a plank of wood, cabinet door, old oil, pieces of soggy crayons , picture Frames , paper.  Nearly everything used in these pieces of art are Genuine Pieces of this Cities Broken Dreams .

Haez One also has a Full Length Album called “DEATH TO THE INTERNET” that is set to Release on September 11th 2017 on Digital Compact Disc and Limited Edition Cassette Tapes. Also Ironically Featured on Every Online Digital Platform on the Internet. Some say thats contradictory. HAEZ ONE says it is a perfect example of how to “Kill The Beast with its own Hand.” He has been working on this Audio Visual Work of Art since 2012. He Originally had no idea what it was going to be about. It litterally Evolved into what it is now on its own. Majority of the Album is compiled of Haez One Freestyling which later actually turned into Preminitions of his own Future and actual events that later took place after his Freestyles were Recorded. Eventually  Everything made sense and was meant to be. The everyday struggles of a misunderstood  LoneWolf with riteous intent cursed by Lifes Trial an tribulations Karma and the out side forces dominoe effecting Society inflicted by the crooked Shadow Government funneled into one Primortial Soup of a Project thus Birthing a Timeless MasterPiece that will forever encapsulate the Rawness  Realness of Humans aswell as Sub Human mindstates of Anxiety Addiction Love and Hate. Kurption Triumph Vices and Death. Life is Love Love is Life. To Suffer is to gratify the  Blessing to Suffer , as to why? One Must Find out on there  Own.
-Haez One


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